Hi guys this is just a quick intro to give anyone who wants to know an idea on who I am. My name is Emma and I’m 20 years old. I have a huge variation of interests which this blog will portray but it will primarily be to do with anything body, mind & soul related.

I have created this blog for my own enjoyment but also to help motivate me, as well as share my journey with anyone else who is interested and hopefully I can share any knowledge i gain or mistakes I make along the way to help others too! I’d also like to do a very quick disclaimer to say I have absolutely no qualifications in any of these areas and I am simply only sharing the things I’ve learn from personal experience and research and if anyone is looking for serious advise they should consult with a professional.

I hope everyone can enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy posting on it and if anyone wishes to get in contact with me my email address is train2bfit_@hotmail.com and you can also find me on instagram – @train2bfit_

Emma x