So week 7 is officially complete, and after next week I am half way through my first prep! I feel like the second half will go quicker, and hopefully results will continue to pickup.

So for week 7 here are my results, and how I went…

Weigh in: 67.6kg … So I weighed myself a couple of days previous to weigh in day and I weighed 67.2kg and then on weigh in day it decided to jump up to 67.6kg and then back down the next day (today) to 67.3kg. (Water fluctuation I guess). SO lets just say 67.3kg I feel like that is fair and that’s what my coach put me down on her official log. πŸ™‚ Overall I am happy with this loss, however I do hope it continues to pickup and I can lose some larger amounts in upcoming weeks! πŸ™‚

Workouts:Β I got in all my workouts (4x Lifting Sessions, 3x 30 min Fasted Cardio & 2x 35 min HIIT + 20 min LISS + 20 min Abs).. and had 1 posing class also. 1 of my workouts this week I completed in a shared PT session with my friend (we done legs). Which was really good because you have a PT there to correct your form and you get to learnΒ some new exercises you may not have done before!

Food: This weeks food was 155g Protein, 140g Carbs & 40g Fats. (1540 Cals). – I coped pretty well with the drop and stuck to my macros all week. Today is my cheat meal tonight and I’m REALLY looking forward to my refeed as I have been feeling hungry!

I’m going to do a blog post tomorrow (day 1 of week 8) including what workouts I’ll be doing and my macros for the week – I’m starting carb cycling tomorrow (and would you believe I’m excited about that?!) I hope it makes a difference!

I’ve also started vlogging and posting a couple more videos on youtube, so if you’d like to, I would love some support, however I will post each of my videos on here for easy access so keep an eye out. πŸ™‚ (My youtube is HEREΒ !)

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚