Introduce yourself: I’m Sami! I’m a Personal Trainer, Bootcamp leader, and Bikini Fitness Competitor.

What motivated you to start your fitness journey? I started doing bootcamps in late 2013, when I was around 75kg. I cleaned up my diet, and became much more active in my everyday life, and from that point onwards I fell in love with fitness, lost my excess body fat, and felt so much more energy and confidence!

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Tell us about your biggest achievement? So far, placing 4th in Fitness at my first comp (INBA May 2015) was my biggest achievement! But I’m also really proud of how far I’ve come in general, losing over 22kg’s and improving my body shape so much has been very rewarding for so many reasons!


What is a typical day of eating for you? It depends whether I’m prepping or not, but no two days are ever the same! Today on the menu:

2 eggs, scrambled with 25g Feta
2 slices Helga’s Lower Carb bread

1 Skim Latte
125g Blueberries

150g Chicken
100g Mashed pumpkin
150g green veg

Apple before afternoon training
Protein shake after training

100g Chicken
150g green veg

75g Vetta Low Carb Penne
100g Capsicum
25g Onion
50g Chicken
100g Pasta Sauce


What is your favourite health & fitness tip? Find something that works for YOU! I love my style of training, and I love following Flexible Dieting, so even when my macros are low I can still manage to work enjoyable foods into my diet, so it never gets boring.  If you love what you’re doing it rarely feels like a chore!


What is your go to favourite snack? When I am not prepping, Rice cakes and peanut butter with a squeeze of honey and some pink rock salt! But it’s too hard to stop at one or two!


How often do you work out? I train weights 6 days a week, alternating between upper and lower body training. I rarely do cardio, unless it’s for fun, but in comp prep I do slowly add in HIIT sessions so being 3 weeks out from a show I have weights and 15-20 mins of HIIT 6 days a week, with rest day.


What inspires you? Myself! I love challenging myself and seeing what my mind and my body can do, I’m quite self motivated so I love pushing myself to achieve big things J


What are some of your favourite health & fitness Items or Brands? E.g. Workout gear/Supplements.. My favourite supps are anything from EHP Labs! I use OxyShred every morning, and OxyWhey strawberry milkshake is my all time fave protein! I also have a Nike sneaker addiction, and probably own almost as much Lorna Jane as Lorna herself!


Who is your #1 fitness idol? Janet Layug, IFBB Pro and winner of the IFBB Arnold Classic Australia 2015! Her physique is amazing, and she works so hard, definitely someone I look up to!


What is your favourite quote? “Comparison is the thief of joy”. This is something I have to remind myself often – don’t compare yourself to others, just do the best you can do and be proud of what you have achieved! This not only applies to competing, but work and other aspects of life too!


And lastly where can we find you? (Social Media Accounts)

Instagram : @sami_rose_

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Thank-you so much for taking the time to share some of your life with us, and your transformation is incredible! – Be sure to follow this chick, her instagram is super motivating and I love watching her prep for her comps! xx