Another prep week in review! Ending week 6 I official am 10 weeks out from my first comp! (The INBA in Cairns 16th April). I feel like this was a great week, and I definitely kicked it up a gear!

Weigh In: 67.5kgs (loss of 0.3 kgs) – I was happy with this loss! This week everything was kicked up a gear and I think & hope that results are going to continue and only get better from here on out!

Food: 150g Protein, 150g Carbs, 45g Fats. (1605 Cals) – This week was a pretty decent drop in calories overall being approx 200 cals per day less than last week. I stuck to them every day, however did struggle a little some nights with getting hungry before bed (but I stuck it out – one night I ate a bunch of broccoli to get rid of the hunger). 

Workouts: 4x Lifting Sessions, 3x 35 min Fasted Cardio, 3x 35 min HIIT + 15 min warm down + 20 min Abs. – I got in all of my workouts, I felt extremely motivated this week, I’m determined to smash out this prep! However some days were a STRUGGLE to get myself to the gym, but I got there and felt extremely happy with myself for getting myself there and getting in a good session!

Posing: This week I had my second posing class with 3 other girls, and I really enjoyed it! It is a lot harder than it looks, and there is a lot to remember, but now that I’ve had 2 classes I feel like I’m starting to remember it a lot better and know I’ll only get better with practice, the large group classes begin next week also – yay!

Information Night: The initial information night was held by my posing teacher this week also, which was great as that clarified a lot of stuff for me, and I learnt a lot of things about the comp I didn’t know! Maybe after my comp I’ll post a ‘Everything there is to know about a Bikini Comp’ post. I love reading those and seem to learn something new every time!

Bikini: I had my consult with a local lady here who is making my bikini for me, this worked for me as it is slightly more affordable and I get to have fittings so I’ll be sure it will fit, which I was nervous about! So I have booked with her, I have ordered my fabric, crystals & connectors and now I am waiting for them to arrive so she can get started on my Bikini. 🙂

I know this was quite a large Prep review but as you can see I had quite a lot of things to talk about for week 6! Next week I will still do a review, however I’ve also decided to vlog week 7 (since things are starting to go up a gear!). I’ll be sure to share the video here, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day! 🙂