So this week I went to the beach to spend some quality time with Ange! (Of course we didn’t get a photo together and only took photos of each other unfortunately!) But, I’ve noticed a lot of people find it hard to still socialise/go out when on bikini prep – which is completely understandable considering food options/alcohol temptation/time availability.

However if you think outside the box and your friend and family support you, there are plenty of things you can do, that don’t tempt you or make it any harder to stick to your prep!

Ange & I went to the beach, I brought the watermelon & she brought the star fruit, it was nice to get some vitamin D and just have a big chat! Getting in some relax time is super important in bikini prep, especially because workouts continue to increase and your body can get put under quite a bit of stress.

Don’t forget to relax your mind, your body and take time to spend time with those important to you. šŸ™‚