Good Morning! Today I have up my Week 5 review. 🙂

Weigh in: 67.8kg (Went down 0.1kg – better than nothing) I am still happy with this result as i still lost and as I am still a little way out progress is still relatively slow and it is normal not to lose every week. 🙂

Workouts: 4 Lifting Sessions, 3x 25 min Fasted Cardio, 2x 35 Min HIIT + 15 min Cool Down + 20 Min Abs. (Little bit of a struggle to get out all sessions this week as I felt quite sore – I think this is because this week I was very careful to make sure I was doing the complete movements of the exercises and not miss any exercises or reps!)

Food: 150g Protein, 170g Carbs, 45g Fats – 1685 Cals per day. (Stuck to my calories – ate quite a few salads this weeks – need to get back into meal prepping.) 

Pretty relaxed update this week, feeling very motivated and positive! 🙂