I’ve been doing a lot of reviews lately, and I’m really enjoying it, I think it’s a great way to let others know about products we love! Today I’m reviewing Titan Protein Bars, I have tried 2 of their flavours which are the ones available from Coles (Vanilla & Peanut Butter), and yes I purchased these myself. 🙂

Rating: 10!

Flavour: 10!

Texture: 10!

Calories: 7.

Protein Content: 10!

Price: 7.


Tastes amazing! Texture is GREAT (has a gooeyness in it, as well as the delcious topping)! High in Protein! Satisfies my very sweet tooth! You can buy them at Coles! There are more flavours if you order online!


Average price (about the same as most protein bars), High in calories (over 300), Sometimes it squishes a little easily and the gooey caramel gets all stuck on the rapper on the bottom of the bar. 😦

So as you can see, I LOVE this bar! And to me the negatives are very minor! I would suggest this bar to anyone, however it is easier to fit it in your macros when they are a little higher and not while in prep or cutting. They seriously taste amazing and feels like I’m having a naughty treat. When I get to try the other flavours I will let you know, but this review goes for both the flavours i’ve tried as they are on par and actually taste a little similar! TRY THEM YOU WONT REGRET IT!! ❤