At 4 weeks complete, I have only 12 weeks of prep left before my first bikini comp! And here is how my week went! 😀

So for week 4 I am finally back home with the two loves of my life (My boyfriend and dog obvi). I did truly love getting to spend a heap of time with our loved ones, however we all need to get back to life and work for our money to live and do the things we love, so the bright side is I love being at home with my loves and control of my food and getting to my workouts is much easier!

So this week I did start eating a lot cleaner foods, and less junk however still following IIFYM. I also made sure to put more effort into my workouts, I’m back from holidays and I need to get my ass into gear!

Weigh in: 67.9kgs

Workouts Completed: 4x Lifting Sessions (2 Legs & 2 Upper Body), 2x 35min HIIT with 15min cool down & 20 min Abs, 2x 20min Fasted Cardio.

Macros: 150g Protein, 175g Carbs, 45g Fats.

So as you can see I went down about 600g this week YAY! This was very motivating for me! As for my workouts I got them all done, and stuck to my foods, yay positive week! Also starting to feel leaner again.. I MAY post some pretty raw progress pictures in the coming week, we will see how well my progress is going!

I also completed my first posing class this week with 4 other girls, and have another one in week 6, and my shoes have been purchased (which i bought locally so that I could try them on). The shoes are suprisingly more easy to walk in then I imagined, however the posing part is HARD! Hello more posing sessions, any tips let me know! 🙂