So today’s post is a review, I’m going to endeavor to do more of them, because I love real reviews to give you an idea of what to expect before you spend your money on something!

So I thought I’d do a review on the 100 Calorie Muscle Milk. I decided to try this one while I was away in Melbourne as I was in the gym and decided to buy one out of the vending machine they had there as a quick and easy post workout protein.

I don’t want to give a product a bad review, however I refuse to lie or be dishonest. So obviously I did not like this product. I have heard good things about muscle milk and had never tried any of their other products (so their other higher calorie drinks may taste better), but as for the taste of this I wasn’t a fan.

It wasn’t revolting, and was stomach-able – I still drank it (I just sculled it), but it just didn’t taste nice in my opinion and personally taste is very important to me. We can only eat/drink so much a day, and I want to enjoy the foods and drinks I take in!


  • Quick & Easy
  • No lumps
  • Easy to scull
  • Low Calorie
  • Gluten Free (I do try to minimize my gluten as my body doesn’t react well)


  • Doesn’t taste nice
  • Quite watery

There are more positives than negatives, however personally taste is a big one for me. Would I buy it again? Yes, if my options were limited. My rating would be 5/10, as I would purchase it and drink if necessary however I would purchase other options first and would prefer to intake the extra calories and enjoy the flavour. Perfect if your calories are extremely limited though, and please remember I have not tried Muscle Milks other drinks as of yet, however when I do, I will be sure to post up on my thoughts! Hope this helps someone!

Have a wonderful day! x