Don’t mind the feature image, but this is my partner & I out for dinner with my family, which was not a cheat meal therefore I had steak & salad with no chips! CONTROL 😉

So I’m writing my review on week 3 while I’m over half way into week 4 (I’m a bit behind due to holidays, but I’m catching up, and there will be a minimum of weekly blog posts going up again, now that it’s not so busy! Yay 🙂

The end of week 2’s weigh in I weighed in at 68.5, and unfortunately I weighed in at the same again this week. But that’s okay because my coach has told me not all weeks I will lose, and that it is a slow progress which will all come together in the end! This week I was again away this time at my parents house, so I did stick to all of my macro’s each day however my eating wasn’t as clean as a would have liked. So week’s 4 goal is to get myself back on track to cleaner eating! 🙂 I also feel like I could have pushed myself harder in the gym, SO IT’S TIME TO STEP IT UP!

This weeks Macros were: 150g Protein, 50g Fat & 175g Carbs. This brought me to 1750 Cals per day.

My workouts were: 4 lifting sessions (2 lower body, 2 upper body), 2 35 min HIIT sessions with 20 mins of Abs, and 2 20 min normal cardio sessions added to the end of 2 of my workout sessions.

I did do my workouts, but being on holidays I felt lazy and unmotivated and didn’t work as hard as I could of. So week 4 is being stepped up! Still happy with my progress and trusting the process! My week 4 will be up very shortly as it’s my weigh in for week 4 tom morrow, wish me luck!! 🙂