So today (09/01/16) is the last day of my second week of prep, and I’ve been a little MIA as I’ve been away on holidays in Melbourne (and still away). So I thought I’d do a quick little update.

Starting weight day before prep: 70.5kg

Week 1: Went smoothly, no workouts were missed. I did not cut any macros/calories and only increased my workouts by adding 10 mins to my 2 HIIT cardio sessions. I still had 1 cheat meal which is now always on Saturday for consistency, I stuck to my food perfectly this week also. Weekly weigh in was 69.5kgs.

Week 2: For week 2 I flew into Melbourne on day 1 and organised meals, and the gym so that I could stick to my goals. The plans for week 2 were to cut back my carbs by 15g (daily intakes for the week 150g Protein, 60g Fat, 200g Carbs) and add 20 mins of general cardio to the end of one of my lifting days (workouts: 3 lifting only days, 1 lifting day with added 20 min cardio, 2 35 min HIIT with 20 min abs). Unfortunately on day 3 (Tuesday) I became sick with vomiting (I know TMI) so my food intake for that day and the following 2 went out the door. I’ve been struggling with food ever since but managed to get my food in yesturday (Day 6) and continuing to stick back to my foods today. I also missed 2 of my workouts (HIIT & Leg day) but returned to my workouts today. Weekly weigh in was 68.5kgs.

Any tips feel free to comment, will post an update on the next few weeks! 🙂