Today I’m doing a pretty quick and simple review, not on the Beats headphones alone, but on how I like them to use while exercising. The reason I decided to do this was because I was looking for posts exactly like this when I was thinking of purchasing, and couldn’t find any!

Note: I have worn them doing weights including upper body, lower body & abs, and also while doing cardio including exercise bike, steppers, treadmill & skipping.


  • They are very comfortable, I feel they’re the perfect size to wear while working out.
  • They seem to block out noise well.
  • They don’t slip off your ears (even while running on the treadmill).
  • The music sounds good (to me, I’m no music/noise guru so if you’re searching for a review on the sound this isn’t the post for you).
  • They come in a little zip case you can keep them in, in your gym bag
  • They look bad ass
  • They’re wireless so you don’t have cords getting stuck on bars/dumbbells etc. & you don’t have to have your phone attached to you (i.e I used to have to stick mine in my pants).
  • It is easy to stick one earphone off to the side of your ear if you’re trying to hear/talk to someone or want to be more aware of your surrounds.


  • You can’t wear your pony tail super high or the head phones don’t sit in the right spot & will move around/fall off a little (e.g. in the pic above my hair was SLIGHTLY high and it was a little annoying for the workout, I just tied it slightly lower the next workout).
  • You need to remember to charge them now and then (the battery lasts 12 hours so I just charge mine once a week, and I keep a spare pare of normal headphones in my gym bag for backup)

Overall: I love love love the headphones, as you can see I only found a small amount of negatives with the headphones, however they are both very very minor and neither of them bother me at all. I would 100% recommend the headphones, and think they are great to workout with, I actually feel sad to take them off at the end of my workout.

Hope this helped anyone who was curious, or looking to purchase some to use in the gym, if you have any questions please go ahead and ask. 🙂