As I posted on my instagram a couple of days ago, I am now on a new workout routine which has been given to me by my coach. I have had a few people interested in what my routine is, so I thought I’d post it here.

I will follow this routine for the remainder of this week and the following 3 weeks and then I will start my 16 week prep and my coach may adjust my routine again then. My Routine is as follows:

Day 1: Upper Body Lift 1

Day 2: 25 Min HIIT Cardio & 20 Min Abs

Day 3: Legs & Butt 1

Day 4: 25 Min HIIT Cardio & 20 Min Abs

Day 5: Upper Body Lift 2

Day 6: REST

Day 7: Legs & Butt 2


As for my macros, they are changing each week. I am still increasing them to get my metabolism as high as possible before I start prep. If there are no hiccups and no changes made the plan for my macros for the remainder of this week and the following 3 weeks is:

This Week (1): 1835 Cals (150g Protein, 55g Fat, 185g Carbs)

Next Week (2): 1875 Cals (150g Protein, 55g Fat, 195g Carbs)

Week 3: 1960 Cals (150g Protein, 60g Fat, 205g Carbs)

Week 4: 2000 Cals (150g Protein, 60g Fat, 215g Carbs)

Please remember these macros have been adjusted and set based on my details, exercise routine and measurements as well as my history with food intake. This means your macros would be different to mine so I don’t want anyone to think by mimicking my food/exercise routine will give you the same results. You will need to consult with either a coach/nutritionist/doctor to find out the best nutritional requirements and routine for your body as everyone is different.

Thanks for reading! I will post an update on my routine and macros when further changes are made. 🙂