Meal prep doesn’t have to be grilled chicken & broccoli! Give this a go, it’s delicious! 🙂


Makes: 5 Meals

Macros: 50g Protein, 4g Fat & 16g Carbs (295 Cals)


  • 1 Masterfoods Apricot Chicken Recipe Base
  • 240g Carrot
  • 1kg Chicken Breast
  • 500g Cauliflower


  1. Cut up Cauliflower & carrot to size of choice & steam in microwave for 10 Mins.
  2. Dice chicken breast & Cook in Wok or Fry Pan (Do not add any oils etc, maybe a small spray of a cooking oil if you must & don’t forget to add the macros/calories if you do)
  3. Once chicken has cooked through add the apricot chicken recipe base & mix through, let cook until sauce is heated and begins to bubble/almost boiling.
  4. Add the steamed carrot & cauliflower and stir through. Cook with lid on, on a medium heat until vegetables are cooked to your liking (personally I only leave mine in for 5 mins as they have already been steamed quite well).
  5. Weigh out equally into your meal prep containers.

From here you can place the containers you’ll eat in the next 2 days in the fridge & I place the rest in the freezer! This is hardly a recipe, but I like convenience and this is how I do it! Enjoy 🙂