There has been ALOT of talk on social media lately about whether it’s fake after Essena O’neil (an extremely popular instagramer) made a video talking about how fake social media is, and that it is bad etc.

In regards to what she’s saying as for girls looking into these social media stars with 100s of thousands of followers who are posting photos they take at photo shoots, with makeup on and are then edited. I do agree that this is an unattainable goal for a girl.

HOWEVER I think it is very well known to the public that these things are done. People know that you don’t look as perfect as that in person, and I have nothing against the girls who do this because I feel like it’s nice to follow instagrams that post beautiful photos to pop up in your news feed and inspire/motivate you everyday. This is as long as you are aware that this is not how they are in real life, and are not aiming to be/look like that person in real life.

But long story short, I really don’t think people should feel bad for having social media. I post on mine heaps and I follow all kinds of accounts. But personally I do not edit my photos (if anything MAYBE adjust the lighting to make it a little brighter very rarely), in the majority of my photos I am not wearing makeup (because 1. I don’t like to wear makeup while i workout personally & 2. I don’t like wearing makeup everyday because I like to let my skin breathe) and last but not least I have never been paid to post anything on any of my social media. Not because I choose not to, but because I’ve never been asked (let’s be real you need a pretty amazing following for company’s to want you to share their product). However I still do share different products but only what I love, and I wouldn’t say no to collaborating with a company of products I love.

In saying this my instagram could still be considered fake, as I obviously will share the selfie/pictures I like the most, and most often I won’t make a post of a picture of the hunk of chocolate I just ate that wasn’t on my meal plan (which isn’t a common occurrence but it happens). The reason I don’t post pictures of unhealthy foods I may eat however (given the exception of beautiful looking delicious foods) is simply because I know what it’s like when chocolate pops up in your news feed and your like GREAT now I crave chocolate. This is the reason I avoid posting it majority of the time, because my instagram is health and fitness based, I use it to inspire/motivate myself and I would hope it would do the same for others.

I know this is a huge post but I just thought I’d share my opinion and how I make the decisions to post what I do on my social media. Everyone should post whatever makes them happy and be done with it! Have a beautiful day! 🙂