So today I thought I’d do a quick post to share what my morning entailed yesterday and that was attending a Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale they held in my town! This is the first time they’ve held it here, and I think they change it up and hold it in different places each time, so I was pretty excited! Basically it was upto 60% off, and smallest discount I seen was not much less than 50% off so I was pretty happy with that!

The featured image includes everything I bought which 2 pares of tights, 5 shorts, 4 tops, 1 sports bra and 3 intimates bras. The intimates bras are AMAZING, seriously you need them in your life!!

I went with my friend Mary so here is a picture of us in our element!! It was so much fun! Unfortunately they didn’t have many Small sports bras and very few Small or Medium tights, but everything else was great. I love my purchases!