Today I’ve decided to talk about the fact that everyone falls off their diet at times, the reason I’ve decided to do that because it’s exactly what’s happened to me today, I fucked my diet! Somehow today I got to lunch well and truly on track and then somehow I just felt too lazy to simply heat up a bit of food, or make a quick salad and boom I just ate almost an ENTIRE pack of Doritos!

HOWEVER, it is done now, i enjoyed the chips (way too much), but I will still continue to have a healthy dinner and tomorrow be 100% back using my diet to reach my goals!

Please know that I know what it feels like to beat yourself up after eating something you shouldn’t have, and you would do just about ANYTHING to take that decision back and have a healthy meal, but it is better just to accept it, let yourself know you enjoyed it and move on, back on track, more determined not to let it happen again, and maybe even try and take note of what it was that made you do it (For me, I felt to lazy to make lunch, and I had just woken up extremely hungry which is a terrible combo for me.. I need to not let myself get so hungry.)

Know that you aren’t alone, it happens to the best of us and you’ve still got PLENTY of time to work towards your goal and this is just a minor set back, GET BACK ON THE WAGON!

Have a great day! šŸ™‚