Anybody in life who thinks being positive has no effect on your life, you are kidding yourself. Being positive and using the law of attraction can make such a huge impact on your life. I don’t think a lot of people realise it but being positive can mean the difference between being, successful and happy, or leading an unfulfilling and unhappy life.

By being positive, you WILL attract positive things, you will increase your chances of reaching all of your goals, and you will learn (the more you practice being positive) to automatically pick out the positive parts of situations and find the good in people.

How does this make you happy? By recognizing the positive part of all situations itself will boost your happiness and joy and by seeing the good in people basically can restore your faith in humanity (which I know can become a HUGE downer for people who get caught in a huge negative downward spiral in regards to other human beings). I am not saying negative things won’t happen and that every negative thing is easy to ‘just find the positive side’, but you need to try your best.

How does it increase the chances of reaching my goals? If you have specific goals you want to reach, using positivity can help you reach them. I would also consider this ‘using the power of attraction’ (in an EXTREMELY brief description, to use the power of attraction you would picture yourself with this goal complete each day). So again how does it work? Well basically by being positive towards your goals, and using the power of attraction, it means you are 1. Open and believing of yourself competing this goal (if you don’t think you can, you most likely won’t) and 2. By viewing yourself successful in this goal, you’re thinking about the goal a lot, reminding yourself of the goal a lot, and this will also lead to more motivation and ideas to help you complete this goal.

I am going to stop this blog here, because I could ramble on this subject for a long time, but in short I feel as though positivity leading you to a fulfilling and happy life is a good enough reason to make being positive important! Seriously give it a try and if you’re interested look up the power of attraction on youtube, it may seem like crazy talk but there is truth to it. Have a beautiful day! 🙂