So today I’ve decided to share what my current weekly workout routine looks like that I’m sticking to. The low down is I still have 3-4 weeks left on the 12 week challenge I joined which I am sticking out but since reading Mike Matthews Book I am really looking forward to get back into gym, so what I’ve done is I am doing his 3 day gym workout plan as well as 3 boot camp sessions with my 12 week challenge (which I am counting as my cardio until I have complete it).

Day 1: 12 Week Challenge Session

Day 2: 12 Week Challenge Session

Day 3: 12 Week Challenge Session & Push, Butt & Calves

Day 4: Pull & Abs

Day 5: Legs & Butt

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest

So This is my current workout routine, which I will be updating when I finish my 12 week challenge, upping my gym days to 4 or 5 and incorporating a new cardio a couple of times per week also. 🙂