We have all heard the saying you can’t out exercise a bad diet, and it is true! HOWEVER I really think moderation IS KEY, and incorporating a few treats into your meal plan/diet/lifestyle whatever you want to call it.. is most likely the best way to keep you on track, and avoid binge eating!

Take it from me a repeat offender of binge eating after trying to eat CLEAN FOODS ONLY! 

How & Why? Well, first we will tackle how. The way you incorporate treats is basically you incorporate them into your calories. Now I’m not saying fill your entire days calories with Big Mac Burgers & Chocolate, but I am saying if you really enjoy a chocolate or an ice cream after dinner, it’s doable. If your soft spot is Nutella, that’s doable too. So basically I would only suggest this to those that count their calories (Or points if you’re on weight watchers). You want to get majority of your foods from nutrient rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats etc. But basically you save some calories for your treat. Small treats you could try and incorporate one a day and maybe 1 larger one a week. For example if you love ice cream save 80 calories for a chocolate paddle pop after dinner (yep they are only 80 cals!). Or if it’s chocolate save 150ish calories for 1 row to have whenever you choose that day.

Hopefully this makes sense but to cut it short, you choose your food that you really enjoy, find out the amount of calories in it, select a satisfying but still smaller portion for the day and have those calories saved ready to go.

Why does this work? Because you are not going over your daily calorie expenditure, and as long as you stick within your calories you can still lose weight! As for trying to gain muscle, its a little trickier but basically you just make sure you hit all your macro goals as well as being within your calories & you’re also fine. However I would suggest for weight loss macros are still counted but that’s another story.

If you do this, it means you are not completely cutting out all of the foods you love, and you can still incorporate different cravings you may get, without taking away from your results. It also takes away the fact that when you tell yourself you can have something you want it more.

On a side note yes this does mean you can lose weight eating only unhealthy foods like chocolate, chips, ice cream etc, however your body will not be healthy, and you will most likely not feel good, and it could pose serious health risks so I would strongly suggest against it.

I hope this information can help some of you guys, it definitely helps me, and please remember this is information I have learnt from personal experience and research and I am in no way qualified. If seeking professional advise consult with your doctor. Have a beautiful day! 🙂