When it comes to meal prep I’ve done it all, tried prepping the entire weeks food intake, not prepped at all and just prepped a couple meals for the week. And if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there are shortcuts available to make your life even easier!

This meal I have pictured were one of the shortcuts I am talking about, and that is buying steam foods to incorporate as some of your meals for the week. There are a lot of steamed fish options in the freezer section as well as vegetables! If you are trying to stick to a cheap budget then with the vegetables I suggest buying home brand large bags, but if you don’t mind spending a little extra you can buy packets of individually bagged (In steam bags) vegetables and they are great!

This fish was on sale for the week so I decided to grab 2 boxes – $6 p/box (4 pcs fish) & 1 bag of individually bagged frozen steam veggies – approx $5. This gave me 4 meals for the week ($4.25 p/meal) and all I did was stick it straight in the freezer, no cooking required until the day of (which included chucking it in the microwave as you would with any meal prep!).

Hopefully this quick tip will help someone else out the way it has helped me!