Hey guys, so this is basically just a bit of an update, my blog doesn’t or at least up until now hasn’t really portrayed what I’m currently doing in terms of nutrition and exercise. I also haven’t really put forward my goals, so I just want to talk about that and I will do updates of how I’m going now and again.

WHY Blog & Instagram: I am no expert when it comes to health and fitness, nor do I have any qualifications. I haven’t created this blog to be a ‘fitness guru’ or any kind of knowledgable athlete of any sort. I have simply made this blog to share my fitness journey, share what has and hasn’t worked for me, and also because it motivates me and I just genuinely enjoy doing it.

Now that’s out of the way..

Current Situation: My weight is fluctuating between 66.8kgs & 68kgs with it being mostly at approx 67.7kgs for about 8 weeks now. 6 Weeks ago I went in to have the ‘Bod Pod’ done which gave me my body fat percentage (which is not 100% accurate by the way) but I plan on going in again to see if there is a difference in 6 more weeks. 6 Weeks ago my Body Fat showed to be 27%. So it will be interesting to see if there is a change as the scale has not moved a lot. Further notes for anyone interested I am 170cm tall. 🙂

Nutritional Plans: I was originally eating 1300 calories a day – which I now know is actually too low of a calorie intake for me. (I’m still learning). Because I have done this so frequently off and on and for long periods of time in the last 12 months (and lost weight when doing so) I have come to the conclusion my metabolism has adapted and is the reason for no weight dropping. I can’t put it down to anything else, I’ve tried upping my water intake, lowering my sodium, upping my workouts & hence my calorie output & I really cannot find any other reason than metabolic adaptation. So I am currently Reverse dieting. Which was suggested to me by a really lovely girl I follow on instagram (her instagram is @fitforlife9872). This is where I slowly up my daily calorie intake. I went up to 1400 calories/day for 10 days and just yesterday went up to 1500 calories/day. I have not gained any weight (I’m actually feeling skinnier) and there is heaps of research for it online if you are interested in how it works. But I will keep going until I find my true metabolic rate which basically means until I notice a little bit of weight gain (Should be around 1900-2000 calories/day with the amount of exercise I’m doing).

Macros: Just a quick addition to my nutritional plans I have started counting my macros, I haven’t been 100% on the ball but I’ve been keeping a closer eye on it and trying to get closer and closer to my Macro goals (Which I set based on Mike Matthews recommendation from his book ‘Thinner Leaner Stronger’ – look him up if you’re interested). But as of next week I would really like to be following a meal plan that hits the macro goals pretty close to spot on!

Exercise Plans: I am currently participating in a 12 week challenge which I am 6 weeks through (hence going for the body fat percentage 6 weeks ago and again in another 6 weeks). I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and the trainers are amazing so I am going to see the challenge out (I do about 4-5 workouts a week with the challenge and usually additionally add 1 workout of my own each week). However at the end of the challenge I’m planning on following a workout plan that has again been made/suggested by Mike Matthews. Which consists of mostly weight lifting and some cardio.


1. Return my metabolic rate to normal using Reverse Dieting without gaining much weight.

2. Complete these last 6 weeks of the 12 week challenge (Improved fitness).

3. Follow a meal plan that hits my macros.

I know this was a huge post, and no one has to read it, but it’s a great place for me to record my current situation & goals, to compare and see improvement in the future. I am not embarrassed of my progress, my weight or any of these things. The way I see it everyone goes through struggles with their weight, everyone sees improvements and everyone falls off the bandwagon at times. Why not share it and show what works for me so if anyone else has the same troubles, they could see if it works for them. I hope nobody minds the post and has a lovely day. 🙂