I want to introduce you to a salad my mum actually brought to my attention! If your local Supermarket is Coles, then you need to get this salad! It is called the ‘Coles Kale Coleslaw’ and some of the veggies that come cut up in it include kale, beetroot, carrot & cabbage. It has a coleslaw consistency but not quite as creamy. It comes all cut up in the bag with 2 little saches, 1 with the dressing and the other with some pepita & other kinds of seeds.

As you can see ive included a few pics of how I’ve eaten it, and that is 1. with tinned chicken, 2. with steamed chicken and 3. with tinned salmon. It was all delicious but salmon came out on top!

Hope this gives you a new healthy lunch or dinner idea and you enjoy it as much as I did! x

Note: This may only be available in Australia.