Hey Guys! Today I want to share my FAVOURITE pre-workout smoothie (Which I actually stole the recipe from my friend Amanda) but I thought why not share it with others. I know when I first started out I wouldn’t have thought to do something like this to improve the taste of my pre-workout! 🙂



  • 1 Scoop Alphamine (Strawberry)
  • Frozen Tropical Fruits (Large Hand full)
  • Water (Adjust amount by how strong you like it)
  • Ice (Small handfull)
  • 1/4 Scoop Nano Reds (Optional)


  1. Blend all of these ingredients together (adding more water until its not too strong a flavour to your liking).
  2. Drink before your workout! 😀

FYI The Alphamine preworkout is made by PEScience – but should be available at most supplement stores. Otherwise you would be able to order it online. This preworkout has never made me feel shaky, or wierdly CRAZY energised. It just gives me a good amount of energy and also puts a bit of food in my belly (which personally I love for a morning because I don’t like to eat when I wake up prior to working out).

Also this is still very low on calories as the only real calories you’re adding is in the frozen fruit and 1 hand full of frozen fruit is very low calories, so you’re not undoing all the calories you’re burning. Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂 x

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