Good morning everyone! (at least it is morning where I am!). Since going vegan I am eating ALOT more fruits and vegetables than I was before, but I think this is a great routine to get into for everyone regardless of your dietry lifestyle (providing you eat lots of fruits and vegetables which everyone can agree is super good for you!!)

Buying your fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market is seriously one of the best things you can do for yourself, your pocket and also your local farmers! By buying your fresh produce from the local farmers you are most likely getting all your foods in a fresher state & with less nasties being used on them, which is super important for your body, you want to consume as lease chemicals as possible! The benefit is buying directly from them is you can even ask if any pesticides etc are used on their foods, or if they are organic etc! If its a fruit you haven’t tried before sometimes they even give you a taste, and can help explain how to recognize when your fruit/vegetable is ripe! (I always ask them a bazillion questions).

This also usually saves you money also! Most times your local farmers market are charging less than the supermarkets are. Not to mention they are only selling stuff that is actually in season, because they obviously aren’t importing their fruits/veges to sell you, because they’re growing them, themselves. A good example is bananas (which I eat a stacks of), At Coles right this moment (I checked online) their normal bananas are selling for $3.80/kg, and their eco bananas are $5.50/kg…. Then most people also have their local health food type supermarket to compare with where last week when I checked they were $4.50/kg… you then go to the market where the normal bananas have consistently been going for anywhere from $1.50 to $2.50/kg! By the time you buy all your different fruits and vegetables for the week this makes a SERIOUS difference!

And last of all if you’re not going to do it for yourself, or your pocket, do it for your local farmers. I truly believe in local support, we need to remember not to only support the big businesses as they don’t need it, they’re a country wide seller making millions weekly.. your local farmers are not making millions weekly, by buying directly from them you are investing in your community, and even better you’re voting with your money! In with the local fresh foods and out with all the imported crap!

So these are the very three reasons why I now go to one of my farmers market every single weekend, i am always so happy and excited to get out and walk around the market in the sun picking beautiful fruits and vegetables out. You should give it a go if you haven’t already! If you’re not from Townsville just have a search on google and you might be pleasantly surprised with how many markets you have in your local area! However if you do live in Townsville, I know both the CBD Sunday Markets has fresh produce, as well as Willows Sunday Markets (where I’ve been going lately), and also the farmers market at North Shore every Saturday (Going to check them out soon)! Happy shopping, have a happy and healthy day! ❤