Let’s be honest guys, most post workout proteins don’t taste exactly like a milkshake from the corner store! They are definitely a great alternative and some of them are quite yum, while others are not. But for those of you that don’t love chucking a scoop of protein into your shaker with a bit of milk/water and hand shaking your protein then I am here to offer you an alternative!

I am one of those people, I find you still get little lumps sometimes, or it doesn’t taste cold enough, or maybe you just picked up a disgusting tasting protein but don’t want to waste it (Protein isn’t the cheapest product). So this is what i like to do.

It is very simple and honestly makes it taste SO much better, I actually look forward to my post workout protein now! And its as simple as mixing it in a blender rather than shaker, adding ice & some frozen fruit!

I LOVE banana, so often I’ll add a frozen banana and hand full of ice to either my vanilla or chocolate protein. but you could also add frozen berries or any fruit you like! This is also great for your water based juice flavoured protein (YUCK! I hate them!), BUT if i chuck in some ice and a couple frozen berries it actually tastes like juice! Not to mention all the extra vitamins your body will get! Give it a go next time!

I hope my post was helpful and you have a happy and healthy day! ❤ xx