Hey guys! Today I want to talk about a little Newish cafe located in Townsville, North Queensland. If you live here you should feel blessed! & if you come and visit well you need to take advantage of this cafe..

The Cafe is called Yum Bar and is located at Vincent Village in Townsville (In between Domain Dentral & Stockland for the locals) – you can easily look up their address on google or on their facebook page. I initially started going here as my Aunty owns it, I now continue to go there because, it is AMAZING.

Health Points:

  • No Sugar is used
  • Calories are shown for every food item
  • They make a lot of sweets from beans
  • They have labels advising when stuff is gluten free, vegan etc.
  • Everything is made fresh

Foods they Sell:

  • Sweets! (Cupcakes, brownies, protein truffles, cheese cake, chocolate crackles + MORE)
  • Salads! (they have a couple of options and they are ALL delicious!)
  • Buckwheat Quiches (Cheese & bacon, tuna & feta, Chicken & asparagus are a few.)
  • Wraps (A few different types & again DELICIOUS)
  • Rice Paper Rolls (These are a FAVOURITE of mine – trust me I know how to make rice paper rolls, but you aint never had rice paper rolls that are this good!)
  • Drinks (healthy soft drinks, healthy juices, Iced Tea, Protein Smoothies, Health Smoothies, Coffees, Frappes etc)


  • I have tried almost everything in this store and can start by saying my boyfriend who HATES most health foods LOVES and requests their cheese & bacon quiches for lunch, personally my absolute faves are 1. Chicken Rice Paper Rolls 2. Choc Pear Protein Smoothie 3. Nano Reds Health Smoothie 4. White Choc Mocha Protein Truffle & 5. Chicken & Asparagus Buckwheat Quiche.

I got to this place many times a week and swear I am their self declared best customer! The sweets are perfect for cravings (you can’t tell their healthy), The protein & health Smoothies are perfect post workout or as a meal/snack, & their lunch meals (salads, wraps, rice paper rolls & Quiches) are so filling, low calories & delicious! AND everything is 100% healthy!

So if you haven’t been I suggest you check it out! Guilt free Lunch with the girls? 🙂

Thanks for reading guys and have a fun and healthy day! ❤ xx