Hi guys, this is just a quick review on a couple of Shanghai Suzy lipsticks! If you haven’t heard of them they are an affordable lipstick brand at 1 for $12.95, 4 for $38.85 or 8 for just $65! All colours are limited edition and smell like grape hubba bubba, an on top of this they are not tested on animals and contain no animal derived ingredients!

Shanghai LS

Shanghai Swatches

1. Lilac

2. Baby Pink

3. Baby Coral

4. Neon Coral

5. Orange

6. The Gossling Lippie

7. Burnt Orange

8. Cherry

9. Black Plum


Now to my thoughts on the lipsticks, I really like these lipsticks as they are creamy enough to spread but not so creamy that they come off quickly or bleed. They are really nice colours and I like the pigmentation, the price is unbeatable as majority of drug store lipsticks that are decent cost more then these guys! Not to mention they bring out new shades to go with new fashion seasons! The fact no harm comes to animals is a HUGE plus and on top of that my lips smell like hubba bubba! Its a win win win to me!! If you want to check them out find their website here!