There is almost nothing more motivating than following others health & fitness journeys, and nothing I love more than coming across some dedicated, hard working chicks that prove to you, that your fit dreams are possible! Which is why I am pleased to introduce you to one of my fitspirations – Lauren Murray!

This fit chick has happily agreed to share some of her information & knowledge with us, so have a read! Chances are what works for her, may work for you too!

♥ Introduce yourself:

My name is Lauren Murray, and I’m 20 from Adelaide. I run the instagram page @8kilosto50 which currently has 231k followers, and I’m an amateur health and fitness enthusiast.

♥ What motivated you to start your fitness journey?

Before I started I used to eat really badly, being a full time student and working in a fast food shop.

♥ Tell us about your blog?

My blog is mainly a collection of healthy recipes which are usually just the healthy basic meals I eat daily. The recipes are quite simple, but (I hope) they show that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and flavourless. I hope to grow into a huge website with thousands of recipe ideas to help people.

♥ What is a typical day of eating for you?

Typically, I will start the morning with a poached egg, avocado, tomato, and a piece of rye toast, and sometimes a protein shake, for lunch and dinner, I fill up on plenty of veggies, chicken and one of my favourite carbs, usually brown rice, quinoa or sweet potato. For snacks, I’ll have a piece of fruit, or a protein shake, with skim milk.

♥ What is your best weight loss tip?
Drink 2L of water daily! It makes such a huge difference.

♥ What is your go to favourite snack?

My favourite snack would have to be any raw vegan treat! I love making raw cheesecake bites with nuts, and coconut oil because they’re so delicious, and full of good fats.

♥ How often do you workout?

I try to workout 3-5 times a week, doing both cardio and strength exercises.

♥ What inspires you?

I would have to say I inspire myself. Once I started eating better and exercising, I noticed such a difference in my energy levels, and this really inspired me to keep going and see how much better I could feel inside and out. I also love searching through transformation tags on instagram, because anyone who changes their life is inspiring to me.

♥ What is your favourite beauty tip?

Line the inside rim of your bottom eyelid with white eyeliner! It really opens up your eyes to look bigger and brighter 🙂

♥ Who is your #1 fitness idol?

My #1 fitness idol wouild have to be Alexandra Bring (@alexandrabring on instagram) as she is strong and slim.

Bellow are some pics of just a few of Lauren’s recipes, be sure to check out her blog here or you can find her on instagram by searching @8kiloso50 ♥