I ummed and ahed about whether to write an introduction, and decided I better. This is just to give you a basic idea of who I am and where I am currently at in my fitness journey.

I’ve decided to make this blog as motivation for myself to continue eating healthy and working out, as well as motivation for others, especially if you are just learning how to enjoy eating healthy. I plan on posting healthy recipes, and am hoping to do reviews on different health and fitness products so that you know what you are buying. I also will introduce you to other lovers of health and fitness that you can follow and get motivation from on your journey! 

I am an Australian, 19 year old girl that entered the health and fitness world about 2 years ago now. Along my way I have tried many of the different diets and fads, fallen off and gotten back on the healthy life just the same as majority of people. Moderation & discipline are 2 of the hardest things to master, but also the most important! This blog is going to allow you to join me on my health journey if you want to, and I hope you’ll allow me to join you on yours!

Looking forward to filling up this blog with both food for thought & eating!

Love Emma xx